Sunday, July 28, 2013

Buenos Aires House


This is the entrance to the elevator, it’s an old fashioned one that has a slidey door to get in.  There’s a small entrance area, and I’m standing just inside our front door.


This is the view from the entranceway through the front door into the living room.


Turning to the right, straight ahead is the ‘toy room’, the entrance to the kitchen is to the right, and there is a small guest bathroom opposite of the entrance to the kitchen.




Living room, leading to the dining room on the right.






The dining room, leading to a balcony outside and connecting to the other side of the toy room.




The toy room, which has a little office nook area, then leads back to the entranceway.



The guest bathroom (very old fashioned)



The kitchen, notice the wine rack above the fridge which we will have to think of something to fill it with Smile

The maids bathroom/shower is at the end of the kitchen, along with the laundry room.





Note the cool adjustable height drying rack.  Pretty fun to crank up and down.





Now we move back to the front door, and go down the other hallway to the bedrooms.







This is the room Kellie was in while she was staying with us.


Jett’s rom, with the cool shelves around the top.DSC01653

There is a bathroom by Jett’s room, then our room has another bathroom right through the door. The bathrooms are pretty tiny, but they work.







And this is the walk in closet with vanity.  There is a LOT of closet space in the apartment


Overall, it’s a pretty big apartment that should have plenty of space for when people come visit us.  We are still waiting for all of our own furniture to be delivered, so right now we just have some rental furniture.  As soon as we get our own stuff set up (hopefully soon!) we’ll take some more pictures that actually show the place being lived in Smile


Long post with lots of pics of empty rooms, so I’ll throw in a bonus pic of Jett…. he was so tired one day he fell asleep during dinner SmileDSC01663

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Camera Test

Nex 5N test 002

Nex 5N test 070

Nex 5N test 005

Sample shots with our new camera

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jett at pumpkin festival

Testing posting from my phone

Amazon Associate

So I signed up to be a amazon associate the other day, which basically means that when someone visits through a link I post (like the one below) I get a small percentage of what they spend during that visit. It probably wont make me a millionaire, but I like amazon and it might earn us a couple bucks every once in a while. Anyways, here is my first link, and this one wont actually earn me anything because it is free :-). I'm a big fan of classical music, and anything that is relaxing has got to be good. Enjoy!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Here's a couple cute videos of Jett. He's getting pretty good at moving himself around now :-)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Family pictures

We went to JCpenney yesterday, and got some family pictures taken for jett's six months.
You can see all of the pictures on facebook here

We got prints of these two pictures, and a CD with all of the pictures on it. If anyone wants to order prints directly from the jcpenney website, the address is and customer name is RICHARD ALLISON
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